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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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severe, which means an attack is considered highly likely. british officials stress there's no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent. no terrorist groups have been identified but earlier this week britain suspended direct flights to yemen's capital in response to the growing threat from al-qaeda. word tonight that three dozen guantanamo bay detainees maybe heading to the u.s. a government task force has recommended they be brought here for trial or military commissions. those proceedings could be held at a prison in illinois. the task force also decided that 47 other detainees should be held indefinitely without charges. now to the latest on the earthquake aftermath in haiti. an 84-year-old woman was pulled alive from the rubble in port- au-prince today. ten days after the quake. i should say that was yesterday. she is being treated in a hospital but doctors say she may not survive the night. a spokesman for the u.n. mission in haiti says he is still hoping that other survivors will be found, but
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that those hopes become even more dim with each passing day. 200,000 haitians have left their earthquake-devastated capital and many are heading to the u.s. >> haitians who are here in the united states illegally or without documents will have a chance to apply for gps and we figure that will be about 25,000. >> it is short for temporary protected status. president obama granted tps to haitian nationals who are already in the u.s. and that status would allow them to work and live in this country for the next 18 months while the effort to rebuild continues in haiti. many americans in haiti have been rushing to get out of the country. and while hundreds are made it home many are stuck. sara well. has a story of one woman the u.s. is keeping out, even though she has lived in the
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country for decades she can't get home because she only has a green card and not citizenship. >> reporter: for her a trip to see haiti -- family at cyst umass as turned in to a nightmare. >> i'm hurt that i can't do anything for her right now. she was visiting her sister when the quake struck last week. in december she flew in on a commercial flight. for days now she's waited hours at the airport in port-au- prince hoping to get on a flight and return home. each time she's been turned away. >> i don't know what the procedure is there, but obviously something's wrong. she's okay and well and able to fly back then she should be back. >> reporter: the problem is she is not a u.s. citizen, but has permanent green card status. at the airport, she's being told u.s. citizens come first. she and her husband raised their family in connecticut and have lived in the states more than 30 years. >> we do things on our own. i wish we could do something.
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right now we can't go to the country. we can't do anything for her and she has five sons. >> reporter: she wasn't hurt in the earthquake but as relatives who were killed her sons get choked up thinking of what their mother is feeling with right now. >> she's just telling us about dead bodies she's smelling and seeing and it's just horrible right now. she's afraid to sleep outside because now it has become like people are angry. first it was all love and now people are starving. people are dying. >> all of her sons are in the military and even they can't get any help for their mom. but the family has contacted their local congressman and those politicians have alerted the state department. our scott broom and bruce johnson are in the ground in haiti and we will have continuing coverage on 9 news now at you will see those reports later on in the show. -- later on this evening i
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should say. the family of a man who died after an encounter with arlington county police last week want authorities to release videotape of the incident. they say it shows officers used excessive force against william brumbey including a taser. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: autopsy results and the toxicology report aren't back yet from me medical examiner's off but the family says they don't have to wait for them to determine how he died. they say it is all on videotape of the encounter at the pentagon city metro station and they want authorities to release it. >> i received a call that morning to tell me that i had lost my son, and i haven't -- really hurt my heart. >> reporter: her only son died after an encounter with arlington county police at the pentagon city metro station last sunday.
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>> i'd like to know what really happened to my son and the cause of death of him and why he was so mistreated this way. >> reporter: the officers involved say he resisted and was aggressive when they confronted him at the station about a theft at a cvs store. they used a taser to bring him in. george have lad mir says he has just gotten out of the hospital hours before the encounter and say he couldn't have put up much of a fight. >> it seems implausible such an individual could have been in a situation where he was resisting or aggressively combating a police officer. >> reporter: lawyers say the videotape will show what went down. they have sent letters to police chief scott and general manager john catoe to release them. >> we do not believe that it occurred the way the arlington county police department has informed the public of the incident of this so-called
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tasering. >> reporter: there no evidence to the point in the investigation that we used any excessive force. >> reporter: there is surveillance tape of this. is it being released? >> no. the surveillance tape isn't going to be released. we feel it would be detrimental to the case. >> detrimental to the case and possibly taint any witnesses they have. if you saw anything, you are asked to call arlington county police detective allen lowery. >> thank you for that. antiabortion protesters gathered in dc today on the anniversary of u.s. supreme court row v. wade decision. that ruling established the nationwide right to abortion 37 years ago. organizers with the march for life held a rally at the national mall and marched down constitution avenue to the supreme court and the u.s. capitol. the group is demanding roe v. wade be overturned. up next, a fairfax county day care provider convicted of violently shaking a baby learns her sentence. plus, some don't want to stop at slots in maryland.
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ahead, the new push to bring full casinos to the state and your forecast. yeah, a little chilly out here but nothing out of the ordinary for january. we will take you out with current temperatures. 40 downtown isn't bad, upper 30s in frederick and leesburg. 34 in cumberland. we will come back and talk about colder air tonight. a little breeze before the next california storm gets us over the weekend. we will tell you when. stay tuned.
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we are back on traffic alert and patranya bhoolsuwan, something going on in maryland. >> we have a report of an accident route 85 approaching route 85 on 170. doesn't look like it is causing major delays but a report that all lanes are blocked in the area. otherwise on 270 looks clear. delays are easing from gaithersburg up north past germantown and to the accident here, at least nothing so far that we are seeing. smooth ride on the capital
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beltway as we switch to a live shot here. tracking a little volume from tysons corner past the toll road and american legion to 270 but no incidents of accidents to block your lanes and the weather is cooperating. no wet roads out there for drivers. back to you. >> if you are trying to wire money to family members in haiti, several transfer services want to help. western union has waived all of its fees to sunday money. it usually charges $15 to send $100. you can send the money on-line through western unions website or on the phone without those charges. and ria financial services says it is also eliminating fees for people who want to send money to haiti from the u.s. and canada. for more tips on how to make sure those donations make it to loved one safely. go to wusa waist and click on living smart. a member of maryland's slot machine commission says it is time to consider eelizing full- fledged casinos with table games in addition to slot machines.
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an attorney from washington county and a former member of the house of delegates recommends that the legislature approve true casinos in the state. maryland voters wiffle to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize table games like black jack. coming up, controversial comments by dc school chancellor have the teachers union hopping mad. but first here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. after the earthquake hit, one man traveled all the way to haiti, bringing life-saving supplies to an entire neighborhood. his amazing story tonight on the cbs evening news.
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fairfax county day care provider is found guilty of abusing a child by shaking him violently was sentenced to 10 1/2 years today. the parents of the injured child wanted the 150 year maximum. 13-month-old noah is better now but still suffers from severe
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vision problems, seizure and possible brain damage. the jury believed that trudy munoz rueda shook the baby. >> i don't believe she's a monster. i believe every person has a breaking point and i believe she reached her breaking point that day and picked up my son and violently shook him. >> a woman cannot shake a baby severely enough to cause those injuries without external injuries to a child and little noah had none of those injuries. >> reporter: a judge will decide whether to impose the sentence of ten years in april after trudy munoz rueda serves her sentence she will be deported to peru. the dc teachers union is furious over comments made by the chancellor michelle rhee and they are demanding an apology. her comments come in the new edition of fast company magazine. talking about the 260 teachers she fired because of what she
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describes as a budget crisis. rhee said -- we have contacted rhee's office but so far the chancellor has not returned our calls. an anne arundel county police lieutenant and owner of an edgewater teen hangout is charged with receiving child porn tonight. the fbi is saying that 47-year- old james -- exchanged obscene pictures and text with an under aged teenager girl. most of the messages are far too graphic to repeat on the air and seem to make it clear the two had been having sex. he shares a home near annapolis with his wife. >> i'm devastated. they were such a model couple, and he was a terrific man. >> you thought? >> i still think. >> you would expect when you
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catch somebody involved in this kind of crime you would say i knew that. i suspected all along that fella was a pedophile or somebody who may engage in child pornography. the reality is it could be anyone. >> reporter: the justice department has been supporting public service announcements that warn teens that sexting can cost them for life. they are urging parents of teens to check their kids phones and computers to see who they are calling and what they are sending through each channel. we are following the search for the body of a missing toddler in roanoke, virginia. the 2-year-old has been missing convince last thursday. his step father reported him missing and police issued an amber alert. now police believe that he was dead before the search began and they have charged his step father with neglect and with obstructing their investigation. a judge is giving a virginia woman 30 days to appear in court with her 7-year- old daughter or face possible
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arrest. this involves a long-running custody battle between lisa miller of forest, virginia and her former partner janet jenkins of vermont. the couple broke up in 2003. miller is the child's biological mother, but courts awarded custody to jenkins. miller's lawyer says she doesn't know where miller and the child are. the trial of scott rotor is underway. he is charged with gunning down a cut kansas doctor who provided abortions, dr. george tiller. i happened inside of a church and the first witnesses took the stand today. >> i saw an assailant. i saw him with his hand out and he still had the gun in his hand. >> reporter: rotor has confessed to killing the doctor. prosecutors say it was murder but defense attorneys argue that rotor believed deadly force was necessary to protect unborn children. if the jury buys that he could convict rotor of manslaughter rather than murder. and the sentence would only be about five years. after a week of rain,
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southern california is a soggy mess and there's still the threat of mudslides. the los angeles river normally a tiny stream of water in the middle of a concrete flood control channel is living up to its name and it has turned indeed in to a real river and that is one bad news for one poor pooch who needed help after he got stuck in the waters. a team of firefighters rushed to rescue the dog and it took an hour and a helicopter lift to pull it to safety. that is a whole lot of water. >> it is. and again, it runs fast. you don't know how deep it is. it is very powerful and they didn't mess around. they had to do it by air. word of the wise to us because we may see heavy rains here on sunday night from that very storm in california. here's the forecast first, tomorrow, pretty good shape actually. sunshine, a few high clouds come in late but 45 in the dead of winter is not so bad. 510 on sunday. showers may get in here before evening.
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the heavy rain event will be on sunday night. 51 on sunday. still warm on monday with morning showers. and then temperatures will fall during the day on monday as colder air wraps in behind the storm. tonight, partial clearing. it will be colder, although again not that cold for january. 24 to 34 and winds from the northeast at ten. lows tonight, it could be above freezing in oldtown. around the freezing mark at national. 26 rockville. 26 bethesda. 26 silver spring. 25 in bowie. so colder than it was last night. if we had these temperatures this morning it would have been a different game. 39 olney and vienna. laurel checks in at 39. 40 leonardtown. to the west, not that much colder. 38 purcellville. 38 winchester and 37 up in kaiser. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy with a cold start. 3 # 20s and 30s. light winds, no wind chills to worry about and by afternoon, partly sunny and seasonable. some high clouds will come in. highs around 45. and winds out of the east at
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ten. winds are not a factor at all tomorrow. satellite picture, radar combined. we will zoom to the west. it is still raining in southern california and this is the storm that will race in to the plain states. we will be on the warm side of this storm. still going to be a few more hours before they dry out. another storm looks like it is slated to hit california next week. in the meantime, our little storm has pulled out to sea. we are seeing clearing skies and a little chilly night. zone forecast for tomorrow, not bad. 43 winchester. 43 leesburg. all six zones are on our website at from the mountains to the coast. 44 manassas. 46 woodbridge and downtown tomorrow mid-40s. 44 rockville. 45 dc and 45 in annapolis. no small craft advisories. next seven days, 45 tomorrow, some high clouds late. most of the rain will hold off until sunday afternoon. the heaviest will definitely hold off until sunday night. may see some flooding on sunday night. 51 on sunday and 50 on monday and colder next week.
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temperatures around 40. and just still appears it will rain on thursday even though it will be cold on tuesday and wednesday. warms up, rain and colder again on friday. perhaps some snow flurries and a reminder for everyone, swing by snyders 10:00 to 1:00 tomorrow and they will fill up your windshield wiper fluid for free and you can make a donation to the mid-atlantic chapter. great cause. the caps win in the faceoff with the penguins, their heated rivals. >> the pittsburgh people tell us crosby is the greatest player in hockey and we know better, haven't we they have gotten the hockey world's attention. they have turned the giant killers on the penguins. are they destined for a silver prize. plus, andy roddick tackled by a lines person? australia. you will see it for yourself. sports coming up. ring ring ring ring
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in the last 72 hours the caps have beaten both the penguins and the red wings. that's the last two stanley cup champions and it's looking more and more like the caps could be the next ones of course don't tell that to bruce boudreau because as dave owens found out at practice today being the champions of january doesn't mean much to him. >> he scores! >> reporter: what a week. fliers, red wings, pens. three games, three wins. >> going in peaks and valleys and right now we're at a peak. >> reporter: last night a sweet one. a defeat of arch rival pittsburgh. >> i'm not going to lie to you, some games you get geared up for more than others. >> our team believes we can win at any point in any game. doesn't matter what the score is. >> reporter: win it would constitute an impress win by any standards but when asked how he views it the coach took
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the cautious route. >> detroit totally outplayed us and i think it made us a better team for playing pittsburgh because we were more aware of crap, this is the way we have to be. >> reporter: point taken, but still, overall, jose theodore says. >> we are finding ways to win and that's what a good team needs to do. >> dave owens, 9 news now and >> thank you. caps are the first team to reach 70 points. they host phoenix tomorrow. decent week for the wizards. of course a decent week for the wizards is when nobody testifies before a grand jury but this week was more than that. they posted back-to-back wins and put played the mavericks to within one point and tonight it continues with dwayne wade and the heat and all d wade is doing is averaging 27 a game. second best in the conference behind lebron. have fun, defense. >> it is every night.
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we have to take the challenge and be able to step up and, you know, hold him to his average. >> put four guys on wade. >> whatever it takes. >> reporter: down under andy roddick not the only american man at the aussie open. john inser is joining him there. the georgia grad who made the big splash at the leg mason a couple of years ago knocked off the 12 seed and he gets the five seed andy murray next. the terps are back at it tomorrow night and if not for last week's loss to wake forest, gary williams crew would be undefeated in the acc right now. even still they have a chance to take over first place if they knock off nc state tomorrow night. but that's a big if. ask duke. the wolfpack handed them a 14- point loss on wednesday beating nc state would be huge. >> right now the league is pretty even. and you know, every game is huge in the standings.
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so tomorrow will be a big game for our season. >> i feel we are a good team and you have to prove it every night. that's the thing. >> that's the thing. georgetown is also in action tomorrow as they host big east rival rutgers. it is a rare sorbet course out of the top 25 for the hoyas but they will go back in with games against syracuse and duke next week. as we mentioned andy roddick advanced down under, overcoming three opponents so far and one crafty lines person who tripped andy in the middle of the point the other day, sending him tumbling. andy gets lippy with the lines people once in a while so i wonder if that is pay back. stick a toe out and take that yankee. >> have to watch himself a little bit. >> are we quiet. >> we're quiet. >> that's it for us. have a great weekend. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00 and don't forget is always on. have


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